Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Bird Diaries

Since I have moved closer to Victoria I have begun to take a real interest in bird life.

I spend all the time I can looking out the windows and looking for species of birds I have never seen before and even those that I have seen before, I then of course try my hardest to get as many of them as I can on camera......

Male Red-rumped Parrots talking about guy stuff
Not all of the time does this work out but most of them I have been successful in photographing them(some taken my mum and dad) and identifying them( with the help of a friend who also does alot of bird photography).

Welcome Swallows
A White-faced Heron
These are all the birds I have been able to photograph( with Mum's camera):
A Little Grassbird at Three Mile Dam( Mum took this one)
A Galah in mid flight
A Crested Pigeon
A bunch of cheeky White-winged Coughs digging up our garden
A White-necked Heron
A Pelican on the dam

A female Australian Darter
A Great Eastern Heron flying 

A male and female Australian Shelduck

The mystery bird( which we found out later was a Black-faced Cuckoo-Shrike)


  1. Good photos. Especially like the one of birds in flight!

  2. Awesome photos. Keep it up, with more practice you'll be the next steve parish.