Thursday, June 26, 2014

HSC Textiles

Well here it is! this is what my pillowcases will look like all put together and before they have the embroidery put on.

Now to just sew it together and embroider and it is all done

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

HSC Textiles

I have officially begun the HSC component to my Textiles and Design subject. I decided on making a pair of Pillow cases.

Here is the first design:

Variation #1 of the first pillow case design
After some advice from my mum and her friend, i then proceeded to change it slightly to this:

Variation #2 of the first pillow design 

Not really sure that that one would work out well so I once again changed it to:

Variation #3 and Final design for first pillow design
The last variation has is the final pattern that I have chosen for the first of the pillows. I am still working on the second pillow designs.